Accident? No Problem!

It just takes one easy call to get connected with a flatbed, heavy-duty, or roadside assistance towing service. The call comes in, our dispatchers answer, and they give you a price.

But what happens when you don’t like that price?

Well, we will always try to work with you as a customer to see if we can accommodate the price that you can afford. However, if we can’t reach an agreement on the price, you’re free to look around for other companies, and compare pricing. In fact, we’re so sure that you won’t find better prices that we actually encourage you to check around with other companies. Just today, we actually received a call earlier today from a customer looking for a 15-mile tow. We provided him with our usual price, but he was unsure whether or not he could afford the tow if it was a mile or two over the estimation he gave us. He decided, after a bit of friendly chatter, that he’d check with other companies and get back to us.

Around 20 minutes later, he called back to schedule the service for a flatbed. Apparently, every company he had called had quoted him well over what we had.

That is one of the many reasons we believe that you will always receive the best service for the best price at Green Towing. Green Towing; where we save your hard-earned green.

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