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Capistrano Beach is one of the few remaining “beach towns” in Orange County. It remains a unique and charming place with a “small town” atmosphere. It may also be referred as Dana Point. We areĀ a full service towing company in Capistrano Beach, CA that provides dependable towing services, heavy equipment and freight hauling, auto repair, and maintenance services. From national freight hauling, local towing, and regional heavy equipment transport to bodywork and seasonal snow removal, we do a whole lot more than your average towing company.

Capistrano Beach is known to have a nice beach and many people like to go and spend their days there on hot days. It is also known that on hot days there are many cars that overheat. Imagine you are at the beach, having fun with your friends getting your tan on, playing volleyball, the sun goes down its time for everyone to go home because tonight you are going out again. When you get to your car, you realize that your car will not start. You freak our and do not know what to do since all of your friends left already and you need to get home, rest, take a shower, and get ready for tonight. You are trying to figure something out but you realize that there is nothing you can do to help you car. DO NOT WORRY, WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. You just reached the right towing company in Capistrano Beach, our customers are number one and we do everything for them. If such a thing ever happened to you, you may call us and our dispatcher will send someone to assist you right away. Our technician will be there fast enough to get you going. Our professionals went through a lot of training and worked really hard to be a part of us. They are insured, licensed and have respect for our customers. We run a background check before we hire any employee to make sure they have a clean record. We will set for a price that will be good enough for you to buy the drinks for your friends tonight and pay us, good deal?

We are located at Capistrano Beach and serve anywhere at Capistrano Beach, Dana points, its surrounding areas and anywhere in Orange County, CA. Towing has always been associated with the towing of broken down cars or cars involved in an accident, and cannot move. However our services offer much more to you as a towing service. Our towing service is a very professional towing company in Orange County and the surrounding area.

For immediate assistance, call us & we will be there immediately to assist you. We are here for our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a years 24/7/365 including holidays. We are just a phone call away from you becoming stress less and from us being happy that we satisfied another customer. Call us now and our dispatcher will gladly assist you. Give us a call!

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