How to Drive Safe on the Road? Here are some Tips on Road Courtesy and Safety

Drivers need to share the road with others in order to be safe while driving. Learning the rules and etiquette can make highways much safer place to be in.

Keep a Safe Distance

Not only is tailgating hazardous, but also it is a disrespectful act to other drivers. All drivers have equal rights to the road, so no one can try to bully others by trying to occupy the road space you want to be in.

To keep a safe distance, follow the three-second rule whenever possible. The way to test it is to choose an object on the road ahead, for example, a sign. When a vehicle right front of you passed the object, you can begin the count. You should count to three seconds or more to reach the same object, if this is so, you are following at a safe distance.

Use the Turn Signals

Let the other drivers know your intentions by making full use of the turn signals. If you turn sudden or make any unexpected moves without signaling, the drivers may not anticipate your actions and accidents can happen.

No Cruising in the Passing Lane

The left lane is considered as the fast lane for a lot of drivers, and it should be used for overtaking other vehicles. One should not be cruising on the left lane, because other passing cars will be using the right lane instead. This will cause dangerous situations on the road. The left lane should only be used when overtaking slower vehicles, and bear in mind one should always drive within the speed limit.

Control the Use of High Beams

High beams are essential to enhance the visibility in order to prevent possible hazards at night. However one should use high beams carefully especially when there are other drivers in sight. Oncoming drivers could be blinded by the glaring beam lights, this can be potentially dangerous and accidents may occur.

If you have installed very bright high beams headlights, you can also blind drivers in front when you shine the lights into their side-view or rear-view mirrors.
If you see another pair of headlights or taillights on the road, make it a habit to switch off your high beams to avoid blinding other drivers.

Give Space to Pedestrians

Pedestrians in the crosswalks should be given space and time to cross the road safely. Some impatient drivers will inch forward to compete for space with the pedestrians; this is not right. The pedestrians should have space before drivers can proceed. In certain states, it is illegal for the vehicle to be inside the crosswalk when pedestrians are still in the white lines.

Let Other Drivers Merge

Cars exit and enter the freeway using the freeway ramps. When there are a lot of vehicles in the right lane, merging can become challenging. Should you intend to drive into the rightmost lane, anticipate to slow down for other drivers to merge. If a driver signals with the blinker and wants to enter your lane, you should allow him or her to do so. This is not only an act of courtesy but by it can also prevent accidents.

Take Note of Your Speed

Zigzagging through other slower cars is dangerous. It is also just as hazardous by driving too slowly. To prevent any form of accident or traffic jam, obey the speed limit and go with the flow of the traffic. Driving at speeds slower or faster than the speed limit can cause possible dangers.

Don’t be Distracted While Driving

Driving while distracted will not only put you at risk but also other drivers. When you are at the driving seat, focus your attention on driving and not other things. You should avoid the use of handheld devices such as mobile phones, gaming pads while driving. Taking selfie or videos while driving is also not advised as serious accidents can result from such actions. You should also not eat, text and apply make-up when driving.

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