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All of the people in La Habra are wonderful smart people, at least, all the ones that call us prove that they are smart by calling us for their roadside emergencies. They make the safe and responsible decision, and they are allowing the professionals at Towing La Habra to help them out of a jam.

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Whether your car broke down, your tire blew out, or you need a tow anywhere in the La Habra area, La Habra’s best Towing can help. Maybe your car battery needs a jump-start? No problem! Need a heavy-duty tow? Still not a problem! Need a flatbed? We can still help you out! Our tow services are for roadside assistance of almost any kind you can imagine, not even just towing. We like helping our customers by serving them in a fair way which is respecting, low prices, good work, and satisfaction. We have morals and by helping our customers we get help back because they refer us to their friends as say good things about us. Here we serve the entire La Habra area including the 90631, 90632, and 90633 zip codes also its surrounding area and anywhere in Orange County, CA. Not sure if Towing La Habra can tow you?

Here are the towing services La Habra Tow provides (not including roadside assistance, which is further below):

La Habra Towing Staff

Our professional dispatchers are available 24 hours a day to help with any of your towing needs. Our drivers and fully insured and licensed. They are experienced in the towing / roadside assistance industry. La Habra Towing does not like to risk it, we run a background check on each of our employees prior to hiring them to make sure our customers are in good hands and been getting a good taken care of. That also extends to our roadside assistance services, which are listed below:

La Habra Tow’s trucks are non-smoking and clean, if you ever need a tow, do not be afraid to get in our trucks, it is probably cleaner than your own car. Towing La Habra is trustworthy; by calling us for roadside assistance you are making the right choice. Our prices are impossible to beat, we have floor prices. Our customers are number uno and we will treat their cars as if it was ours. We have been in the towing field since 1980 and is still growing every day and is gaining more experience. La Habra Tow is very experienced and have a lot of values. Not sure if we can help? Give us a call, and we’ll still do our best to help you out! We are here for our customers 24 hours.

La Habra Towing

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