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At Laguna Beach Towing our professional team provides a fast and efficient service with an excellent and friendly customer service. Towing Laguna Beach has the widest coverage of towing services in Orange County, CA and its surrounding area. We hired high qualified staff and have a lot of experience in towing services to ensure our customers will be satisfied with our services. Our staff undergoes complete training and fully equipped ready to handle towing needs 24 hours a day or night in the entire Orange County CA and nearby areas. Our services are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, holiday or even weekends our Laguna Beach Towing Company will continually provide services to our local residents and Laguna Beach Ca visitors.

Our trucks are clean and non-smoking, so you do not have to ever worry about getting into a dirty tow truck. We are constantly improving our business with the latest equipment and training. We believe it is important to maintain the best possible standards in order to best serve our customers. As a family owned business we promise to be presentable at all times, and to treat our customers with respect and professionalism.

Here our customers are our first priority and it is always important for us to satisfy them. Towing Laguna Beach cares about our customers most and we believe in customers service. Our prices and impossible to beat, and if we ever find someone who does beat it, we will make sure our prices go even lower. Laguna Beach Tow prices are also very competitive and regulated by the State of California Public Utilities Commission.

We offer a wide range of quality and affordable towing solutions for our customers in Laguna Beach, CA area: our zip code service are 92607, 92637, 92651, 92652, 92653, 92654, 92656, 92677, 92698

Main Things We Do at Laguna Beach Tow:

Light Duty Towing (Wheel lift, Flatbed)
Medium Duty Towing
Heavy Duty Towing (Tractor Trailers, Semis, Large Equipment)
Jump starts
Decking and Un-decking
Move arounds
Mud pulls
Accident Recovery
Fleet Towing
RV and Bus Towing
Professional Dispatchers

We at Laguna Beach Tow serve mainly at Laguna Beach but also around its surrounding area and anywhere near Orange County, CA. Our drivers and real professionals, all licensed and insured. We run a background check on everyone before we hire to make sure they have a clean record also to make sure our customers are in good hands. Laguna Beach Tow’s amazing employees go through training which includes work manners. They obtain these manners and greet our customers with them while on duty our drivers signed a contract which they agreed to respect our customers, keep their privacy and never insult. We have been in the towing field for 25 years but have the experience as if we have been working for 50 years. If you ever need roadside assistance don’t think twice, call us and our dispatcher will send a driver quick who will help you with joy fast. Towing Laguna Beach is here for our customers 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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Tel: (714) 662-9583