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There are many towing companies out there that would rather get your service once, charge you double or triple what you should be paying, and never hear from you again. In theory, that’s a great idea, because how often does a person break down, right? Well, here at Laguna Hills’ best Towing, we beg to differ. We believe that the customer should be the company’s top priority, because loyal customers are the easiest way to increase the business’s size while also keeping the customers happy. Laguna Hills Towing works for the customer, because we believe that when a customer is happy, they will refer their friends to us. It’s a win-win situation, in reality.

Yes we’ve heard all the comments and jokes about those kids that came from our town. Guess what, we know that a lot of our customers aren’t like those kids who are able to call for a helicopter to come pick them up. That’s why you need Laguna Hills Tow. Towing Laguna Hills will work to make sure that you are never stranded or made to feel completely alone with an expensive price for something small. We have low prices and a good service, does that make any sense to you? Can you believe it, for once you won’t have to pay that high of a price.

It’s for that reason that when people need a flatbed truck, a tow-truck, roadside assistance, heavy duty towing, and other services, they come to us. Not just because Laguna Hills Tow’s prices are impossible to beat (which they are), or because the job is done by professional, licensed, and insured drivers, but because we genuinely care for the customer’s experience. We strive to be above the competition, and service the entire Laguna Hills area, because it’s our home and it’s the place that we know best. Towing Laguna Hills is located and serves mainly in Laguna Hills but also around its surrounding area.

Laguna Hills Towing Services Provided

Accident Recovery
Fleet Towing
RV and Bus Towing
Jump Starts
Decking and Un-Decking
Move Arounds
Light Duty Towing (Wheel lift, Flatbed)
Medium Duty Towing
Heavy Duty Towing (Tractor Trailers, Semis, Large Equipment)
Mud Pulls

Laguna Hills Tow also offers roadside assistance, and both services are available 24 hours a day with our dispatchers ready on the line to help you. Not sure if Towing Laguna Hills can provide roadside assistance? Here’s what we offer:

Car replacement battery
Ignition replacement
Emergency locksmith services (e.g., car key replacement, lock picking, and more)
Flat Tire Fix
Tow Truck Wheel Lift
“Car won’t start” solutions
Charge car battery / Recharge battery / Jump start battery
Out of Gas Refuel

Laguna Hills Tow runs a background check on every employee before we hire them to make sure they have a clean record and our customer’s cars are in safe hands. We have been in the towing field for over 35 years. We’re waiting to help you and you need us do not think twice call us, we are already ready to assist you. See our service area below!

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Tel: (714) 662-9583