If you think of every tow-service like an orange, you know that there are always the sour oranges, and then there are the sweet ones. No one wants to come across some of the sour oranges, and others pray to find a sweet one. The sour ones are the ones that you call for a flatbed, and who take over an hour to reach you before charging you far more than you’d have expected. The sweet ones are the ones that show up on time, give you a reliable and affordable service, and get you on your way quickly.

Here at Orange Towing, we hope you find us as sweet an orange (or as good a towing company) as you can imagine. Our service is dedicated to making your day end up as sweet as possible, and your problem as minimally damaging as we can. We want you to end up happy, to save you both time and money, and to help you in your search for the sweet oranges you can rely on.

Take a bite, try our Orange Towing services; we promise you won’t regret it.

Tel: (714) 662-9583