We Can Do Heavy Duty Towing!

Heavy duty towing is often the hardest thing for most companies to do. Towing a large, heavy truck is difficult, and many companies charge very high rates to provide this service.


Not us.


Here at Orange Towing, our services (which extend to any towing service or roadside assistance service) extend to heavy duty towing. We provide heavy duty tow trucks just as often as regular trucks, or flatbeds, and all our drivers are well trained in handling heavy duty tows. They are professional, trained, and will assist you in any way possible. Even when your truck breaks down, we’ll be there to help.


Besides, our prices are unbeatable! We offer great service at a great price. If you need a heavy-duty tow, don’t hesitate to give us a call and see for yourself just how helpful we can be!

Tel: (714) 662-9583