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Who is Westminster Towing? (714) 662-9583

Westminster Towing is a full service towing company in the area of Westminster, CA. our service primary provides dependable towing services, heavy and freight hauling, auto repair, and maintenance services. From national freight hauling, local towing, and regional heavy equipment transport to bodywork and seasonal snow removal, we do a whole lot more than what you are used to from your average towing company.

To be more specific, Westminster Tow’s service provides a very friendly facility with trained professional staff, diversified services, and conveniently dependable 24-hour a day towing and hauling service. We are the hauling company you can count on. If you ever get stuck in the middle of the road, and just don’t know who to call for help, the solution for you is to immediately call the fastest and trustable company in which also known as Towing Westminster. Westminster Tows Company is a pioneer in the towing industry, and will be there for any emergency service you require. We service any close by areas of the 92683, 92684, and 92685 zip codes!

What does Westminster Towing do?

Westminster Tow’s in-house services cover everything related to the maintenance and breakdown of all types of automobiles. Our fuel injection service is aimed at improved mileage from your vehicle, reduced emissions, and higher performance. Our cooling system service is focused on thorough cleaning with advanced techniques for trouble-free performance. Regular oil change, the battery charging system, checking & replacing shocks & struts, computerized tire mounting, rotation, and balancing, checking of chassis and transmission, etc. are all geared towards keeping your car running on the road for as long as possible without any kind of stoppage or breakdown.

When your car is broken down and you are in need of towing in the area of Westminster and the near by cities next to it, be sure to call Westminster Tow Service. Do not forget that the service Towing Westminster offers is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for emergency towing and roadside services, so contact us with your specific needs of service. We provide long-distance and local towing service for Westminster and local area, and you can expect us to reach you as fast as we can approximately within in 20 minutes, as all trucks are radio dispatched and have cell phones. In our company, all towing is guaranteed to be damaged free and we also offer indoor and outdoor auto storage if needed.

In addition, we offer total preventive maintenance packages and computer diagnosis of the automobile to ensure top working condition.Towing has always been associated with the towing of broken down cars or cars involved in an accident, and cannot move. However Towing Westminster services offers much more to you as a towing service. Our services are very professional towing company in Orange County and the surrounding area.

For immediate assistance, call us & we will be there immediately to assist you, and we will give you the best service out there, in fast and honest.

Westminster Towing
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